Ensure Sample Integrity with the NEO Plate 96

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Paris –BioSampling Systems will be launching the new NEO Plate 96 at MEDICA 2012. This plate is designed to guarantee the traceability of samples, ensure sample integrity, improve tracking efficiencies and to satisfy all your biobank’s needs.

Innovative NEO Plate 96

As this plate is monoblock, the tubes cannot be moved. That means you can still have full positive identification without the need for a scanner. Single microtubes can be extracted using our Cracker tool.
Neo Plate 96, with its 96 detachable microtubes and an SBS footprint, is resistant to most organic solvents and provides sample storage in -80°C freezers. This plate is available in different volumes, including 70µL, 500µL and 1mL. Select the optimum size plate to make the best possible use of your available freezer space.

About BioSampling Systems

BioSampling Systems was created with the goal of enabling our customers to make their laboratories safer to improve the quality of their sample storage.

BioSampling Systems provides full sample management solutions (software, automates, readers, accessories and consumables), With the aim of providing solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, research institutions, governments and agencies.

We are taking action to provide the medical industry with innovative sample management technologies: 3S System (storage at -20°C/-80°C), ICE System (storage at -80°C/-196°C in liquid nitrogen) and now we are launching the NEO Sample Management (-135°C in mechanical freezers

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