BioSampling Systems Combines Speed and High Capacity with the NEO Sample Management/NEO Robot

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NEO Sample Management launches new storage management platform of biological samples for clinical, diagnostics, biotechnical, environmental, food safety…

Paris – BioSampling Systems, has the ambition to become one of the world leaders in serum bank storage and management (storage and release of biological samples, sample library…). BioSampling Systems provides full sample management solutions (software, automate, readers, accessories, consumables), with the aim of making your laboratory safer and improving the quality of your sample storage.

BioSampling Systems is pleased to introduce NEO Sample Management. This new storage and management solution is designed to guarantee the traceability of the samples, ensure sample integrity, improve tracking efficiencies and finally to optimise freezer space to satisfy your biobank’s needs.

The NEO Sample Management solution gives you reliable medium and long-term storage management of your biological samples. The high-speed NEO Robot is ideal for aliquoting your samples of 10µL to 1mL, into tubes and/or our new NEO Plate 96.

This storage system can be used in different domains such as clinical, diagnostics, biotechnical, environmental, food quality and safety testing.

The NEO Robot

The automated liquid handling robot provides high-speed aspirating and dispensing into our 3S SSP 48, our NEO Plate 96 and our ICE tubes. The tube diameter measurement option allows the software to make intelligent choices when there is not enough liquid to fulfil all of the the joblist requests for a tube. This pre-emptive transfer volume reallocation makes our robot a leader in its field. An integrated A4 scanner assures positive identification of our full range of plates, and this step is performed even before any aliquoting is started. This gives the user full control over the joblist, eliminating potential problems during the distribution cycle.

The NEO Plate 96

As this plate is monoblock, the tubes cannot be moved. That means you can still have full positive identification without the need for a scanner. Single microtubes can be extracted using our Cracker tool.

Neo Plate 96, with its 96 detachable wells and an SBS footprint, is resistant to most organic solvents and provides sample storage in -80°C freezers. This plate is available in different volumes, including 70µL, 500µL and 1mL. Select the optimum size plate to make the best possible use of your available freezer space.

The NEO Manager

Our new NEO Manager is easy-to-use control software that manages the traceability of the entire lifecycle of biological samples. This brand new interface is so comprehensive that even inexperienced operators can achieve reliable, accurate results in a fraction of time of other systems. The software is optimized for a tactile screen, eliminating the risk of contamination of your keyboard and mouse and freeing up valuable laboratory workspace.

The positive identification allows the software to present you with a comprehensive visual map of the current state of the resources inside the robot.

Multiple robots can be managed on a single computer. New freezers can be added with just a few clicks with the mouse (or tactile monitor). The entire contents of a broken freezer can be quickly reassigned to its replacement, ensuring the database accurately reflects the current state of your biobank. The new drag-and-drop functionality makes this task a breeze.

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About BioSampling Systems

BioSampling Systems was created with the goal of enabling our customers to make their laboratories safer to improve the quality of their sample storage.

BioSampling Systems provides full sample management solutions (software, automates, readers, accessories, consumables), With the aim of providing solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, research institutions, governments and agencies.

We are taking action to provide the medical industry with innovative sample management technologies: 3S System (storage at -20°C/-80°C), ICE System (storage at -80°C/-196°C in liquid nitrogen) and now we are launching the NEO Sample Management (-135°in a mechanical freezer

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